Consultation Services

Targeted Consultation

IEL Consulting offers individualized observation, analysis, and training supports specific to the needs of your teaching team or parent group. This can be live or conducted remotely. Formatting will match your level of resources and specific interests.

Professional Development Seminars

We are able to provide live or remote workshops, presentations, and lectures on pre-determined topics of your choosing. Popular topics include intentional teaching, guiding behavior, assessment, early literacy development, social emotional development, classroom routines, teacher language, the functions of behavior, etc.

Monthly Membership

Members will have full access to our entire Resource Library, including, but not limited to, printable curriculum, training videos, resource links, a monthly live Q&A, and early access to seminar registrations. Each month will feature a new training resource with practical applications for immediate implementation.

Child Specific Behavior Evaluation

For schools or parents who have one particular child that regularly struggles with self-control, following directions, self-regulation, or other concerning behaviors, IELC offers the possibility to obtain a full behavior evaluation. This Functional Behavior Assessment, or FBA, involves interviews with all caregivers, direct observation of the child in various contexts, and standardized skills assessments. All data collected is then organized into a report that concludes with recommendations for interventions and behavior plans to help the child gain skills and reduce problem behavior. Contact us today to find out more!

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Peer-Reviewed Research

Contact us for a free, collaborative phone call to create your individualized professional development plan.

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