The world has changed. Education has (temporarily) changed. But young children and learning have not! Children need and deserve the best, even when we are put to the test to cope with huge stressors, feel ill-equipped with new challenges, and less time than we had before. You’ll be thrilled to know we are very much accepting new clients and continuing to provide remote consultation to various schools and organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.



Until your communities, and ours, can ensure that children, staff, and families can remain healthy and safe in-person, we are here to support our clients’ endeavors to remain exceptional, emotionally supportive, and purposeful in their time spent on remote digital platforms with children.



All our services can be delivered remotely via secure video platforms from initial assessments and interviews, to on-going trainings and presentations. We’ve always been grounded in our aim to individualize all that we offer our community- and that hasn’t changed!

As the final phases of our world’s ‘new normal’ continue to roll out, we will be ready to join you in-person. We will be ready to follow your guidelines and new policies. We know this uncharted territory brings new questions and challenges for us all. We are ready to be in this, together. If you have questions regarding our remote services, and plans to transition back to in-person sessions, please send us an email today!