Our Mission

Our mission is the provision of individualized, practical consultation to those working and caring for young children to elevate their relationships with children and families, and to strengthen the intentionality of their interactions with young children. Because no two children and no two childcare programs are alike, we individualize our support to intentionally meet your specific needs and aid in your successes. We aim to contribute to the field of early childhood education and behavior analysis through the services we offer our clients, and to the children they care for.  We believe strongly that young children deserve both play-based emergent curriculum and activities rooted in standards that are both developmentally appropriate and include dispositions, not just information and skills for acquisition. We are proponents of inquiry based, hands-on active learning that strengthens the joys of school and life for our youngest citizens. Intentional Early Learning Consulting aims to function as a catalyst for dialogue among educators and caregivers who strive to be thoughtful in their approach to learning and childhood. IELC also has the unique ability to provide educators and families with deeper understandings around human behavior: how it operates and how it can be guided in new directions. We intend to use research-based practices to inform our work with all clients.

Here at Intentional Early Learning Consulting we are fully committed to regularly listening, learning, and taking action to ensure that our practices celebrate Black children, families, and colleagues. We intend to do our part to close the educational gap and advocate to break the institutionalized racism in our national school system so that all children truly get an equal education. We understand that anti-racism work must take place in white spaces for change to emerge, and we intend to play our part in these efforts. We intend to consistently reflect on all aspects of how our business is operating so that we always embrace people of color in every way possible from representation, to language used in our trainings, the content and resources that we offer our clients and members, our hiring practices, and the groups of caregivers that we serve. As lifelong learners ourselves, we value your feedback. Our first actionable step was donating 50% of our July membership fees to the ACLU to help make concrete and long overdue changes in our justice system, legal system, prison system, and police training.



Our clients regularly reported how reinvigorated they felt because of our energy as we worked together to solve problems, brainstorm new approaches to their work, and inspire more meaningful moments with both staff and children.


Learning is a life-long mindset. Together we will deepen your practice or parenting strategies in rich ways grounded in research and documented through data.


We all agree children deserve the very best of us. When practitioners, administrators, and caregivers combine what they know about their own children with what research says about high quality learning and play together, the child’s potential becomes limitless.