“Sara and Zeba provided thoughtful, insightful, and – perhaps most importantly – USEFUL information about how to respond to problem behavior in children. Their recommendations are born from a marriage of research and experience, giving weight to the efficacy of these methods. Their practices are rooted in understanding children rather than punishing them, and are aimed toward helping kids to regulate their own emotions and behaviors without adult intervention. I have already shared some of these insights with others, and can’t wait to put them into practice in my classroom!”


“I found the information so relevant and helpful. I actually used a couple of strategies mentioned during the presentation with one of my students; he was having a difficult time following directions at school and at home. We told his parents to try get close, get low and talk slow to make sure he was fully listening and comprehending and that we would do the same while in school. It did help a lot as he was able to follow through with a few of the directions given as compared to before when wasn’t following not even “simple” instructions. It also helped us see that he still needs a lot of direct guidance.”

See What Others Are Saying

The in depth and personal examples made the information easy to digest and your personalities were also very warm and inviting. I was sad the lecture had to end..
Pre-service educator
Yes, I would recommend your consulting services, because you are knowledgeable, relatable, and get people excited about what they are doing. And that there are no dumb questions, everyone can always be learning and improving.
Your resources have been so helpful! They have been implemented instantly and were so relevant! 
What I enjoyed the most was “hearing your observations that illustrated I’m not crazy and changes needed to be made. I appreciated your enthusiasm and excitement.”

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