Enjoy these series on different early childhood topics!

Welcome to our series on the second most selected topic from our content polls: 10 emotional and social skills to develop in young children! Here is the first one!

Here is a sneak peek into last week’s guest lecture at BU Wheelock College of Education and Human Development’s Child Development course for Early Childhood Education majors.

What do you know about praise?  How many types do you think there might be? How many do you think you use in your interactions with children? Are you looking for new or better ways to motivate?  Do you ever wonder if there’s such a thing as too much praise? 

Do you want to get to know your students on a deeper level?

Do you want to make more intentional decisions based on evidence and not your gut feelings?

Do you want to improve how you respond to children to make their experiences richer in your space?

We’re going to slow down and talk about observation. So join us, grab a clipboard, and settle in.

Learn about the different roles that the teacher plays in facilitating play in young children!

There are lots to think about when trying to be more intentional with your physical space. Want support to think through how to improve your classroom or center’s space?