Why Choose IELC?

A Tailored Collaborative Approach

Intentional Early Learning Consulting offers several different individualized supports. From direct, live observations to content specific professional development workshops, we align our services with exactly what your setting wants. Our clients value the individualized approach that we offer with a strong emphasis on intentional teaching. This consultation is appropriate for individual administrators, educators, or caregivers and families.

Deep Understanding of Young Children and Human Behavior

As experts in both behavior and early childhood education, we understand the current gaps in the field and aim to support educators and caregivers in guiding children’s behavior and educating the whole child. Our deep understandings of the functions of behavior help us create effective interventions and practical tips for any caregiver of young children.

Continuing Partnerships

Many clients want ongoing support, but may not have the resources for continuous full-time consultation. We offer both courses and memberships available to purchase for more continued support at a more affordable cost.